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The agreement last you 365 days from the day you purchase it.
You will receive two (2) maintenance check-ups.

The first check-up is going to be for your AC/cooling unit, which is the outdoor unit. Our technicians will check all the components on the system to make sure they are functioning like they are supposed to, check the freon levels, and wash the condenser coil to make sure there is no debris blocking air flow so you can get the maximum efficiency from your system. This cleaning is not commonly part of a maintenance check with other contractors, but we include it because we feel it is a vital part to assure that the system is performing to its top efficiency for you.

HVAC Technician

The second check-up is for your heating unit, which is the indoor unit. Again, our technicians will be checking all the components of the system to make sure they are functioning properly. If it is a gas system, they will check to make sure there are no gas leaks and check for proper combustion and carbon monoxide levels. If it is a heat pump system, they will check the electronic heat strips to make sure they are all energizing properly.

These check ups are non-transferable, meaning you can’t have two (2) A/C checks if you don’t use the heat check during the appropriate times to have it done or vise versa. The maintenance agreement is sold to that specific piece of equipment and stays with that equipment; you cannot use the second visit at another property or on another piece of equipment.

  • Any repair made to the system will be discounted off the normal price. (It’s roughly a 10% discount.)
  • Any repair made to the system will receive a two (2) year warranty as long as the maintenance agreement is in effect at the time of the repair.
  • If your system breaks down and we come out and make a repair to the system during that same visit, you will not be charged the normal diagnostics fee. If no repairs are made during that visit for whatever reason – e.g., repairs declined, customer unable to, unit unplugged or turned off, dirty filter, thermostat not turned on or not set correctly – then the customer will be charged the diagnostics fee.
  • 7-day emergency service (which means after hours or on the weekends). If your system stops working, give us a call, and we will schedule you at our very first available appointment.
  • Triple Payback towards a new A/C system from General Air Conditioning. If your system requires replacement or you elect to replace it, we give you three times your maintenance agreement money back towards the system replacement. Even if your system is old and you maintain it, you don’t lose out.
General Air Conditioning will do its best to remind customers to schedule appropriate times for the tune–ups with post cards and phone calls, but it’s ultimately up to the customer to make the appointment for service or renew the maintenance agreement. The price of the annual maintenance agreement is subject to change.