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Off-Season Advantage

January is the slowest time of the year and when demand is down, so are our prices but what are some of the real advantages of scheduling your cooling system replacement in the winter?

  • You don’t have to wait until the system breaks and leaves your home and family uncomfortable; you are in control
  • If you wait until it breaks and it is the hottest time of year, how likely is that you can get they system replacement scheduled quickly?  As soon as possible may mean a few nights without AC.
  • While selecting which system to install, you won’t have the beads of sweat streaking down you face and feeling rushed to “do something”.  You can take your time to make a decision.
  • If the work takes a day or two, your home won’t be uncomfortable (well, you may be a little cool, but not like the heat of summer)
  • Winter is cedar pollen season and we are giving away our REME Halo air purifiers with every new system.  This saves you money and gives some relief to your sinus’.
  • Up to a $1500 discount on every new heating and cooling system installed in January 2020.
  • All XR16, XR17, XL16, XL18 systems get a 10 years parts and labor warranty; XV18 and XV20 get 12 years.  This means no repairs bills for 10 or 12 years!
  • Many systems qualify for a CPS Energy Rebate; up to $1200
  • In addition, some will qualify for a $300 tax credit on your April 2020 taxes!

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Off-Season Advantage ends January 31, 2020.



Winter Maintenance Agreement discount

  • Our 4-Star Maintenance Agreement features:
  • One winter furnace safety check up
  • One complete cooling season check-up including outdoor coil cleaning
  • Condensate drain line clean out
  • Discounts on any repairs – 10% across the board
  • Never pay a service call with a repair between scheduled visits
  • A 2-year warranty on any repairs made – twice our normal repair warranty
  • Triple money back towards a new system during the year- $567 value

All for $189.00.

Save $20.00 if you schedule your winter furnace safety check-up before January 31, 2020.



Winter Service Call Discount

Our normal service call is $89.00 but during the month of January, it’s half-price, just $44.50.  Ends January 31, 2020.




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